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Mobile Hairdresser Edinburgh
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  • sofiejohanson7

Edinburgh Mobile Hairdresser is back in town!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter! Mine has been really good. I came back yesterday from a weeks holiday in Sweden with my family. It's a tradition we all meet at my grandad's for easter. Plenty of good food, drinks and easter candy of coarse! One of the activities we do every year is that we attend a ice fishing competition, biggest fish wins biggest price! No fish for us this year, AGAIN :P

Also something that is more related to the website is that I always give my grandad a haircut when I see him, this time he had waited 6 months since his last haircut. So it was about time, the photos only show the result after the first cut but afterwards we decided to take even more because its going to be awhile since I see him again.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to hear back from you regarding if you're in need of my hairdressing help.

Kind regards Sofie

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