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Mobile Hairdresser Edinburgh
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Hair wash! Mobile hair wash. Mobile hairdresser for elderly and vulnerable clients.

A hair wash is always included in my visits. I have a bed basin that I use if the client is bed bound. I also have a inflatable neck basin so that you can get comfortable leaning backwards at your kitchen or toilet sink. If you wish to not have your hair washed thats ok too, I've got a water spray I'd use to wet your hair before washing. If you simply don't like to have your hair wet at all thats ok too.

For me its important to be able to offer a hair wash no matter what the circumstances are. If you are bed bound for example I can use my bed basin which would make it possible for you to have a hair wash without leaving the bed. I also have a inflatable neck basin so that you can sit in a chair by the kitchen or bathroom sink to lean backwards comfortable to have your hair wash.

If you're a wheel chair the neck basin would he a great option too.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you got any questions.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


For elderly and vulnerable clients
Mobile Hairdresser Edinburgh

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