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My name is Sofie and I'm a fully qualified hairdresser from Sweden. I've been professionally working as a hairdresser for 6 years, but I've loved everything that has to do with hair since I was a little girl.

So doing this as a profession didn't come as a surprise for anyone around me.

Before I got into hairdressing I was working as a enrolled nurse back in Sweden and New Zealand. Ive got over 10 years of experience in elderly/dementia care, also worked as a personal assistant and in home care for a long time. Combining these two things into one has always been a dream of mine.  

For me its really important that the client feels comfortable having me in their own home so I want to provide as much information as I can about my services here on this website, and don't hesitate to phone up/ message if you have any questions. 

Mobile Hairdresser For vulnerable and Elderly Clients
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